We’re looking to help non-profit and non-governmental organizations easily find reliable academic expertise at UCL for short-term or one-off projects.

Academics at UCL are evaluated on their external engagement and the impact that their academic work generates.

  • The promotion criteria at UCL include engagement and impact.
  • Research funding agencies in the UK require a statement of how the proposed research will have impact.
  • The universities are evaluated on impact during the governmental evaluation via the Research Excellence Framework.

The result? Academics at UCL are committed partners in engagement and impact projects. But many academics and non-profits/NGOs struggle to find each other.

We help by matching non-profits and NGOs that need academic expertise with UCL experts in their field. Example impact projects that have been implemented by UCL academics can be found here.

Why partner with academics at UCL?

-UCL is a world-leading University, currently ranked 7th in the QS World Rankings. UCL has research departments ranked in the top ten globally in the fields of education, architecture, neuroscience, life sciences, medicine, psychology, anatomy, dentistry, pharmacy, archaeology, anthropology, geography and arts & humanities.

-Groups of UCL academics and outside partners are eligible to apply for impact and engagement funding from UK Research and Innovation Councils and The Wellcome Trust. Often impact and engagement funding can be added on to existing grants. This funding is specifically to facilitate creating impact for ongoing research, not to do the research itself.

Interested to partner with UCL researchers?

Questions? Have a project that needs some expert input? Send us an email. For potential projects, please include a short description of the project and the expertise necessary. We will contact you to discuss the details and help you find an appropriate expert at UCL.

Are you an interested UCL researcher?

Please send your name, department and area of expertise and we will keep you in mind for future projects.